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Bathtub photoshoots are an amazing way to bring your personality into a sexy and artistic atmosphere. This list of photoshoot ideas goes beyond what you expect for a bathtub shoot — because all your photos should be special, unique, and unforgettable. Check out all our recommendations that range from fun ideas like floating in a bathtub full of cash to classy considerations, like incorporating the history of your venue into your shoot with cinnamon sticks and spices!

And don’t forget to book the perfect venue with a bathtub on Peerspace to make these photoshoot ideas come to life. As the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer venue rentals, you can bet that Peerspace has hundreds of photogenic spaces near you that you can book by the hour. Unleash your creative side at one of our countless themed studios and enjoy an experience (and a social media makeover!) the likes of which you only imagined in your wildest dreams!

Find the perfect Peerspace venue near you, either mentioned on this list or not, and let these cool bathtub photoshoot ideas inspire you.

1.Go super girly and cool with a tub surrounded by neon lights and pink tones

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (2)

This vibrant and fun space is a dream come true if you are looking to flaunt your femininity in your photoshoot! The bright white tub contrasts beautifully with the fun pink wall, completed by a “live colorfully” neon sign.

Enjoy the other fun neon signs in this Peerspace venue, too, like the “never stop dreaming” sign above the bed and the repeating “be kind to yourself” signs in the living room area. Between the positive signage and the mix of colors and textures, you’ll create photos that pop with vibrancy here.

This is a much-loved Peerspace venue with more than 1,500 happy reviews! Like this one, from a photographer: “We had a wonderful time! The studio was so dreamy and my girls loved it! Everything was neat and clean. Communication with Debbie was great! She always responded swiftly and is very friendly in her responses.”

2. Cool off in a milk bath in a bohemian farmhouse bath

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (3)

Got milk? Not to drink though — throw it in the bathtub for a gorgeous milk bath! We love the sensual vibes of milk bath shoots, and it would pair just perfectly with a stylish bohemian bathroom like this one. It features gorgeous tile flooring, a chic white tub, and boho wall hangings to adorn your pics. Just make sure you talk to the Peerspace host about your plans to fill this tub before your shoot!

According to one content creator who took photos here: “Beautiful space and so much to shoot in a oversized bathroom! Literally you can shoot 5-6 different looks and really make use of this smaller but amazingly styled space. Great natural light. There is an additional room you can add on if you have a lot of things with you (lights/wardrobe etc)”

3. Lounge in the vintage bathtub of a gorgeous green garden

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (4)

If you are looking for natural bathtub photoshoot ideas, find an outdoor tub space that’s in bloom! This Albany, CA venue offers gorgeous clover/yellow oxalis blooms from January through early April, but you can book any time of year and enjoy this space’s lovely bed of succulents and little palms. We also love that this Peerspace host offers a clean robe and towel with your shoot and you can even add on a fresh flower crown!

One Peerspace reviewer sums up her experience here well: “I had the most beautiful experience during my photo shoot using the vintage bathtub. Leslie was such gracious and kind host. She had everything set up for us and more. The detail in the yard is impeccable and there’s a lot to capture especially for photoshoots. I would book this space again and again and again!”

Our creative milk bath photoshoot ideas put a fresh spin on the trend. Check them out!

4.Find your zen in the calming bath of a Japanese tea garden

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (5)

A bathtub photoshoot isn’t just about being sexy — it’s about relaxing too! Find your zen vibes in this serene and private Japanese-inspired retreat. The outside bathhouse and Japanese soak tub are sure to produce gorgeous shots of you in your most relaxed state. After your shoot, stay awhile and enjoy the bamboo garden, deck with ocean views, and the unique Japanese aesthetic!

A photographer who booked this space for her shoot was definitely feeling the vibes: “This was a very peaceful lovely space which served us well for our portrait shoot. Very zen vibes and perfect for anyone wanting a peaceful getaway.

5.Keep up the red-hot vibes in a DTLA hotel-like luxury suite

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (6)

Savage, classy, bougie — we can imagine a pop star enjoying dipping her toes in this red-hot tub! Your photos will be bold and beautiful, as your curves pop from the crimson red walls accented with shimmering gold in this luxury room. The host also offers several thoughtful add-on options, like a pop-up changing room and a hair and makeup chair.

The 1,400+ Peerspace reviewers rave about this space, calling it “sultry,” “vibrant,” “beautiful,” and “pristine, stunning, perfect for our needs.”

6.Indulge in fantasies and fairytales of a magical hidden gem cottage

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (7)

Let your imagination run wild with bathtub photoshoot ideas! Book an all-white room, so you start with a blank slate to make your bathtub photoshoot fantasies a reality. Decorate the tub with bright, vibrant florals, or make a splash surrounded by sensual rose petals! This rustic hidden gem in Seattle not only offers a look of purity with its all-white décor but it’s also gorgeously detailed with salvaged materials and antique finds.

Just check out what one of many happy reviewers had to say about the space: “In love with this space. Daniel was friendly, funny, courtesy and very professional. The house was beautiful – we did a glam/boudoir shoot and they gave us ultimate privacy. The images are stunning. I love this place and will be back.”

7.Let it rain with vibrant colors at a unique blackout room studio

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (8)

Mix the steamy vibes of a shower scene with the romantic elements of a bathtub session in your bathtub photoshoot! The Blackout Rain Room studio in Astoria, NYC offers RGB lights, a fun and modern black bathtub, and sleek black walls.

You’ll also be able to try out four different rain patterns during your shoot and you are welcome to use their other equipment on the stage — like the light modifiers and reflectors. This Peerspace venue books up fast though, so book it sooner rather than later.

According to a Peerspace reviewer who used the venue for a video shoot: “Great experience. The staff was friendly and helpful, and it was a very comfortable and creative atmosphere to work in. Thanks!

8.Embrace a ruby red color palette in this vintage Glendale bathroom

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (9)

Move seamlessly between sexy boudoir bedroom shots and sensual goddess bath snaps in this vintage red bathroom space. It’s part of a hilltop apartment with a view in Glendale, CA, that boasts chic furniture and colorful murals. The red clawfoot bathtub in the red-tiled bathroom is one of the coolest we’ve seen!

As a director/cinematographer shared about their experience with this space: “Beautiful space, exactly as pictured! Gorgeous views, lots of street parking, very communicative host.”

Why limit yourself to the tub? Utilize these amazing shower photoshoot ideas, too!

9.Bathe in the natural light of an upscale industrial loft

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (10)

No need to go over the top with frills and glamour — you’ll make even the simplest of sets beautiful! This simple space offers a variety of backdrops, gorgeous natural light, and a no-frills white tub so you can pop as the main focus in your pics. We love the idea of booking this Peerspace venue for sunrise or sunset, to really capture the lighting and beauty of you in this space.

This is another venue with lots of love from the Peerspace community! You’ll find lots of reviews like this one on its listing page: “Loved the space and the hospitality of the host. My model and I were impressed by how many looks we could put together with the furniture on hand.”

10.Spice it up with an industrial-chic boudoir suite

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (11)

Knowing the history of your Peerspace venue is fun but even better- – incorporating that history into your shoot! This space used to be a Chicago spice factory and we love the idea of forgoing the flowers and adding cinnamon sticks and anise stars into your tub! So go ahead — add a personal touch to this already beautiful Chicago loft space with original large wooden beams and brickwork, natural light, and large windows overlooking the river, city, and Cermak bridge.

Unsurprisingly, this venue has tons of five-star reviews. Including this one: “I was so in love with this space! Booked this for a maternity shoot and definitely got my money’s worth! Host was extremely responsive, professional and friendly! Location was easy to find. FREE Parking was available. Again, the room was a dream! I would book again! Photos came out AMAZING! Thank you for making such a stressful yet beautiful moment a breeze for me and my partner!”

11. Get edgy at this clawfoot bathtub in the great outdoors

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (12)

We love the idea of creating your bathtub photoshoot ideas in this iron clawfoot tub in a San Diego backyard. The home itself is 1,100 square feet and boasts a modern, upscale vibe that extends to the outdoors. Use the indoor bath for all of your bathtub photoshoot ideas, or head outdoors to the unique iron clawfoot tub surrounded by wood and plants, set below a dazzling chandelier. This is where beautiful bathtub photoshoots are born!

In the words of a Peerspace user who booked this studio for a shoot: “Loved this place! The home was beautifully decorated and clean, and it was obvious how much work these guys put into it. 10/10!”

12. Break hearts at this 80s/90s pink powder room tub

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (13)

Looking for bathtub photoshoot ideas that help you embrace Barbiecore to its core? Then check out this 80s/90s pink bathroom set in Los Angeles, CA. It’s an adorable and immersive set that provides you with a shiny pink tub in an arched alcove, a pink toilet, and an ornate pink vanity table, all on top of a pink shag carpet. In short: it’s adorable, unique, and perhaps, totally you!

Bathtub photoshoot ideas are possible with Peerspace

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (14)

We hope these bathtub photoshoot ideas have inspired you to think outside the box and get creative with your bathtub shoot. As you can see, the ideas are one thing, but your photoshoot will really come together with the right setting, which Peerspace is happy to help you find.

If you love one of these ideas but the location isn’t in your area — don’t worry! Peerspace has tons of more bathtub photoshoot options in a location near you. Check out all the spaces available for your photoshoot on our website, book with ease, and create gorgeous content.

Find unique photoshoot locations on Peerspace

12 Cool Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas (2024) - Peerspace (2024)
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