59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (2024)

Inside: 59 best friend matching outfits.

Are you and your bestie of the type to let everyone know that you’re besties? It’s such a cute trend right now to be over the top with your best friend!

Growing up, my best friend and I would take monthly trips to the mall, when our mothers would drive us of course, and we would find ourselves a new matching necklace set. Who didn’t love having half of the best friend necklaces with your day one?! Such a fun idea.

Now, we tend to do a little more than just a necklace or bracelet– the way we match or coordinate outfits with our best friends is so extra and I love it! These different outfit ideas are sure to snag attention and put the spotlight on you and bestie.

Have fun with all of these different best friend matching outfits, they’re too cute and too fun to pass up!

59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (1)

Using matching outfits for homecoming spirit days and college game days make the exciting days even more fun. If you’ve got a best friend that you can match with, do it. While I wouldn’t say matching with your bestie is the “coolest” trend, these are the days where nothing matters if it’s cool or not, but lasting memories with the people you’re sharing life with will always be important.

Doing goofy stuff with my best friends have always produced the best memories for me, and I know they can and will do the same for you!

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Coordinated Versus Matching

There was a trend that cycled around while I was in high school, where people would accidentally match but you had to take a picture if it happened and post it with the caption, “twinning!” even if you didn’t really know the other person. An accidental twinning situation is a typically bonding experience so it created friends and relationships for fun.

However, it got a little out of hand when people would call out, “we’re twinning!” at someone that was simply in an outfit that coordinated, but didn’t match.

I was one of the few that noticed this and would roll my eyes, but there’s a slight difference in actually matching and coordinating outfits.

Matching would be an exact match. Like maybe a really similar top and same shade of blue jeans and same color shoes. That’s a twinning or matching situation, but coordinating would mean more cohesive colors, similar styles in aesthetics, and so on. If two outfits feel coordinated but not matched, I would disagree to the twinning call out, and move on. But that was me being a little fashion snob!

I LOVE a good coordinated outfit, and if this is how you want to “match” with your bestie for game day or any other event, I say go for it! Playing with shades of the same color or mixing and matching color sets, I love it! These are more subtle versions of the matching with your bestie trend.

How To Match With Your Best Friend

Matching with your best friend is simple– just wear the same outfit!

Just kidding, there can be a lot more to it than that, but overall, you’re just going to be wearing kind of the same outfit. Maybe wearing the same sweats set but in different colors or both wearing your favorite merch tee from that concert you went to, same color different outfit… There are so many ways to get the matching look without actually wearing the exact same outfit. Although that’s super cute too!

Pinpoint how matchy you want to be versus how coordinated. If you want to be on the same wavelength but not the exact same, go with the same colors or same outfit with different colors. There are too many options to pick a right or wrong answer to this scenario.

Just have fun with it and check out these inspiration pictures to get the ball rolling.

Instagram Captions

So you picked the outfit, you grabbed a good picture that’s social media worthy. Now the hardest part about posting– the captions. Captions always get me and make it a little more thought-out when posting, but sometimes I just opt for something not too thought out for that more casual Instagram vibe.

So if you need some ideas, here they are!

“Always better together.”
“Bestie time is the best time.”
“Rain or shine.”
“In good company.”

59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (2)


Aesthetic outfits can be a challenge when you’re working with someone else that has a little bit of a different aesthetic than yours. But here are some cool aesthetic outfits that are cute and matchy for you and your bestie!

1. Golf Course
2. Same But Different
3. Varsity
4. Matching Tees
5. Collegiate
6. Coordinated Puffers
7. Tennis Court
8. Bucket Hat
9. Baby Crop Cardi
10. Black Fit Baddies

59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (3)


Summer is always the easiest time to do something fun and funky like matching with your best friend! A crop top and denim shorts or the cutest beach fit will always be the move.
Fall in love with summer matching outfits that are going to be the cutest vacay posts!

11. Denim On Denim
12. Hawaiian Print
13. Matching Dresses
14. Travel Tees
15. Bandanas
16. Pink And Baby Tees
17. Pastels
18. Black And White
19. Tennis Skirts
20. Baggy Orange Tee


Fall fashion is pretty easy to match– we all wear just about the same thing anyway when the leaves start to change color. I love each of these matching fall outfits, and I know you will too! Football season and so many fun events, you have plenty of opportunities.

21. Puffers
22. Sweatsuit
23. Patchwork Jeans
24. Brown Coats
25. Argyle
26. Blue And White
27. Pastel Suits
28. Stars
29. Workout Sets
30. Racer Jackets


Matching outfits can totally feel a little dorky. But baddies have best friends too! Show them off and tell everyone you’re the baddie duo in town.

Check out these baddie matching outfits that honestly will have everyone eyeing you and your friend and knowing y’all are the baddest.

31. Bodycon
32. Pink Cargo
33. Playboy Tee
34. Colored Camo
35. Jersey
36. Tees And Tights
37. Branded Sweat Sets
38. Yellow Plaid
39. Track Suits
40. White Tops

59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (4)

Matching Outfits

Want some exact matches? Then these are for you! These matching outfits are perfect for game days, birthdays, and any event you can think of that you need to match with your bestie girl.

41. Tie Dye
42. Varsity Jackets
43. Corduroy Pants
44. Care Bears
45. Hats And Sweat Sets
46. Black And White
47. Merch Tee
48. Cropped And Gray Sweats
49. Accessories
50. Sundresses

59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (5)

Coordinated Outfits

Coordinating with all the colors and vibes is totally going to make for a cute kind of outfit for you and your bestie to have fun with.
I know you’re going to love these!

51. Flipped Colors
52. Same Vibes
53. Mix And Match
54. Pastel Pink And Green
55. Swirly Tops
56. Yellows
57. Striped Dress
58. Suit Pieces
59. Yellow And White

Hopefully you and your bestie have found some inspiration for your next fun adventure! Matching and coordinating outfits for the fun things you do daily is what’s going to make memories.

Do you and your best friend share closets? Do you go back and forth swapping clothes? Are you of the mindset of “what’s hers is mine”? Then you likely already match often without intending to! Sometimes when we wear so much of the same thing as our best gal pals, it happens anyway! Embrace it, have fun with it, and don’t pretend you don’t love it.

Looking for more fun outfits? Maybe even for your birthday? Check out these 17 pink birthday outfits that I know you’re going to love celebrating a new year in! Birthdays are made for fun and funky outfits that grab all the attention. And what better way to do that than to wear head to toe pink? There isn’t a better way, so check these out.

by Victoria Hudgins

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59 Best Friend Matching Outfits (2024)
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