Best Japanese Baby Clothes Brands (2024)

When it comes to lifestyle brands, Japanese labels have managed to make their mark in the global market. Their use of high quality materials and great designs make these brands popular for baby clothing. Here are the top 10 Japanese brands for baby clothes.

  • Hakka Baby
  • Cofucu
  • Noko Baby
  • Haha No Yume
  • Nunu For Me
  • Pristine
  • Miki House
  • co*kitika
  • Teg Teg Tokyo
  • Arch and Line

Several Japanese brands for baby clothes have online stores that ship internationally. However, some of the brands only have physical stores. But they make adorable garments for babies which make these stores a must-visit when you are in Japan!

Best Japanese Baby Clothes Brands (1)

Hakka Baby

Hakka is a popular brand in Japan. Their line Hakka Baby is a collection of clothes and accessories for the little ones. The brand has several stores all over Japan. They also have an online store which ships internationally. The stores have clothes from their own brand as well as a selection of clothing from other domestic and import brands.

They have an adorable collection in baby clothes. You will see a elegant colors with prints, ruffles, and laces. All the clothes are made from good quality fabrics so that they are gentle against the soft baby skin. They have a fun collection featuring animal prints, flowers, fruits, and everything cute. They also have lovely gift options.


Cofucu is a very popular brand for baby clothing. It crafts beautiful clothes for babies from organic cotton. It is located at Minami-Alps in the Yamanashi Prefecture. Best known for its environmentally friendly fabrics, this brand also creates clothes made from silk, cashmere, wool, etc. They use different dyeing techniques that are less harmful to nature. The Japanese process and high-quality fabrics make this brand one of the popular brands in Japan

Cofucu has a wide range of baby clothes such as rompers, sweaters, pants, and skirts. It also has accessories such as blankets, bibs, and cloaks. You will find newborn baby gift sets, too, with all the essentials for the tiny bundle. You will see that the dominant colors in its collection are beige, white, and off-white. So the clothes have an understated sophistication. At the same time, the high-quality fabrics keep the clothes uber comfortable.

Noko Baby

Noko baby is a brand started by two Americans in Japan. They were inspired by the Japanese designs and the culture. Noko Baby makes beautiful baby clothes from authentic ‘tenugui’. It is a soft cotton gauze fabric which is traditionally used in Japan to make towels for over a thousand years. The fabric gets softer over time so it’s comfortable for babies.

The clothes have beautiful patterns that have been hand-stenciled. The beautiful patterns are a breath of fresh air and make the garments stand out. They are the perfect blend of traditional methods with a modern take. They have a global appeal and receive much love from Japan as well as from outside Japan. These beautiful clothes are sure to amp up your baby’s style.

Haha No Yume

Haha No Yume is a brand inspired by minimalism and simplicity that is deep-rooted in Japan’s culture. They make incredibly adorable kimonos for babies and kids. They have kimono rompers which are very functional and look great! The fabric is handpicked from Osaka and is a soft 100% cotton. The prints are vibrant and colorful. The cutesy kimonos are both designed and printed in Japan.

Haha No Yume means ‘Mother’s Dream’ in Japanese. And the clothes they make for babies are truly like a dream come true for mothers. The designs are beautiful and unique. The fabric is very soft and provides great comfort for babies. Their careful packaging makes these clothes even more beautiful. Your little bundle of joy will look even cuter in these lovely kimonos.

Nunu For Me

Nunu For Me is a Japanese brand that has clothing for kids from one year onwards. Their brand identity is making clothes that are casual yet fashionable. Nunu For Me boasts of unique cuts and prints in their clothes. Their bespoke designs are sure to win your heart. And they look great on the little ones!

Made from high-quality fabrics, these clothes are perfect to give a stylish look to the little ones. The combination of comfort and style ensures that the kids are comfortable even during playtime. Their collection has a wide range of designs and they keep adding new designs regularly. This is one brand if you want your baby to be ready for the ramp!


Pristine has been making sustainable clothing for over two decades. They use fabrics made from organically grown cotton. This green brand does not use dyes for the clothes they make. Thus, the clothes have the natural color of cotton. This adds to their earthy appeal. And of course, the 100% organic cotton fabric is soft to the touch and very comfortable. When you dress your baby in clothes from Pristine, you know you are choosing quality for them.

Pristine is a completely ‘Made in Japan’ brand. The brand is involved in every process right from sourcing the raw material to manufacturing the clothes. They have an online store. However, they have several physical stores in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and others.

Miki House

Miki House was founded about 50 years ago with the vision to create a brand, especially for kids. The brand focuses on reliability and safety to make quality products for children. They source the raw materials responsibly and have a manufacturing process that respects sustainability.

Apart from clothing, you can also find accessories and skin care range for babies and kids. Their antibacterial and antiviral line called ‘Pureveil’ is a collection of soft clothing that ensures safety for the babies. They have a wide range of baby clothes such as coveralls, rompers, and bodysuits. Their ponchos are extremely cute, though.

Miki House has several outlets in Japan. They also have over 50 stores across 12 countries. However, they do not yet have an online store of their own. But if you have a store near you, it’s worth a visit for some amazing baby clothes. Or, you can buy some amazing pieces on Amazon.


co*kitika is a Japanese brand for kids wear. It was launched in 2006 by Chikako Owaki and Yoshine Sugimoto. The brand tells the story of two little boys who go on an adventure. The clothes made by this brand are inspired from this story of magic and adventure. They have an element of nostalgia and fantasy to them.

co*kitika has functional designs in lovely colors. The fabrics used are soft and gentle to give utmost comfort to the little ones. The brand has stores in Asia and doesn’t have a dedicated website. However, some of their products can be purchased on Cuccu.

Teg Teg Tokyo

Teg Teg Tokyo is a Japanese brand that specializes in kids’ clothing. They have a good collection for babies and toddlers, too. Rompers, onesies, pants, t-shirts, as well as accessories such as caps and shoes, can be found under this brand.

The clothes under this brand feature animal prints in different colors. Most of their clothes also have the Teg Teg logo printed prominently on the chest. These clothes can be bought from the Zozo website here.

Arch and Line

Fashion meets Japanese tradition at the Japanese brand Arch and Line. The products are minimalistic in true Japanese fashion. They have simple cuts and angles which gives them a very simple, understated, yet fashionable feel. The fabrics used are of the highest quality. They also have baby sets which are a great gifting option.

Best Japanese Baby Clothes Brands (2024)
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