One Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievement Will Ruin Your Character (But There’s An Easy Solution) (2024)


  • Jack of All Trades achievement requires leveling up all 12 classes on one character without respeccing.
  • This build can be underpowered, limiting a character's effectiveness in combat and late-game.
  • A workaround exists using the hireling system, allowing players to achieve the feat without significant drawbacks.

There are 54 achievements to earn in Baldur's Gate 3. Some are difficult to obtain, requiring players to perform impressive feats in combat that rely on luck. Others are fun and whimsical, related to the fates of side characters and the choices players make across the game's three acts. However, few will require as much commitment or cause as much frustration as the achievement of Jack of All Trades.

The Jack of All Trades achievement is awarded to players who, over the course of a playthrough, put one level into each of the game's 12 classes on a single character. This must be done without respeccing the character even once. While over-optimization is not required to beat Baldur's Gate 3, playing like this will put one character at a serious disadvantage, which matters especially if players choose to do this with their main character rather than one of the companions in the party.


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Jack Of All Trades Could Underpower A Character

Master of None

Baldur's Gate 3, much like Dungeons and Dragons, is a game made to accommodate a wide range of builds and choices. While some options for leveling a character may perform more optimally than others, for the most part, any build can function and succeed within the story. The Jack of All Trades build, however, poses unique issues given that it will keep a character from ever reaching the most essential abilities any other build would rely upon.

Any martial character in the game needs to reach level 5 before getting the ability Extra Attack, which is essential to performing in combat with a weapon. Abilities like a rogue's sneak attack, a Wizard's arcane restoration, and a Monk's martial arts are all available at level one but require some leveling to perform effectively. This character will have a moderate number of spell slots but only first-level spells to cast. In other words, they will have a ton of versatility but without the power to make any of those options impactful in the mid or late-game.


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The Hireling Loophole

An Easy Trick To Get The Achievement

One Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievement Will Ruin Your Character (But There’s An Easy Solution) (3)

Fortunately, there is an easy way to get this achievement while avoiding the repercussions of building a jack of all trades. This loophole lies within the game's hireling system, where players can recruit a hireling from Withers and add them to their party. When a hireling is recruited, they are level one but instantly gain however much experience the party has to reach the same level as the rest of the characters. So, a player could theoretically wait until their party is level 12, recruit a hireling, and instantly level them up, putting one level in each class.


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This allows people to gain the achievement while never having to use a deliberately weak and broken character. Players could also use Minsc for this if they don't like recruiting hirelings, given that he is a companion who must be recruited late in the game when most people are already close to level 12. While this may undermine the idea of the achievement, playing a jack of all trades typically feels bad given how much weaker it makes characters. This method allows completionists to get all of Baldur's Gate 3's achievements while avoiding the frustration of building an underpowered character.

One Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievement Will Ruin Your Character (But There’s An Easy Solution) (5)
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August 3, 2023

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One Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievement Will Ruin Your Character (But There’s An Easy Solution) (2024)
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