The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (2024)

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (1)

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The FIFA 23 meta is always tempting as power creep makes weekend league fixtures tougher. Need some help keeping up with the Joneses (and Mbappes) in FIFA 23? All the key intel is right here. We've gathered the most OP players for you to hunt down on the transfer market, meta formations and tactical instructions, and even a solid starter squad that'll set you back fewer than 50,000 coins. Kickstart your rise to glory with GR's FIFA 23 meta guide.

FIFA 23 meta players

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (2)

Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) is the keeper everyone wants to own this year. At 6ft 6in and with an OVR of 90, he sits high on the FIFA 23 ratings list. Alas, as of late February he’s still selling for 59,000 coins. 88-rated Gigi Donnaumma (Paris SG) is more affordable at 34,000, and still offers 6ft 5in reach and traits such as Comes For Crosses and Rushes Out Of Goal.

Many fans still swear by the ever-popular Nick Pope (Newcastle). He’s English, he’s a great starting point for an all-EPL side, and he’s affordable at just 750 coins. For that you get a modest overall rating of 81, but 6ft 6in height and Comes For Crosses and Saves With Feet traits.

FIFA 23 meta defenders are all about the lengthy

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (3)

Defensively the community is all about centre-backs with the FIFA 23 lengthy designation. They take an extra second or so to reach top speed, but can maintain it for longer. You see a lot of Antonio Rudiger (Real Madrid, 87) online – but he sets you back 23,000 coins. His real-life partner, 84-rated Eder Militao, is significantly cheaper at 11,000.

Thankfully there are speedy CB options that fit any budget. Consider Dortmund defender Nico Schlotterbeck’s FIFA 23 OTW card, for instance. It’s rated 86 but may rise again later in the season, and costs 26,000. Bargain alternatives include Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig, 80) and Dayot Upamecano (FC Bayern, 80), both at 1,000 coins or less.

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (4)

As ever, French midfield pair N'golo Kante (Chelsea, 89) and Paul Pogba (Juventus, 85) feature high on community wishlists. Kante is a stretch at 44,500 coins, but Pogba should be grab-able at 12,500. He provides a solid midfield base with 90 Vision, 85 Passing and 88 Strength – but 72 Sprint Speed makes him less effective than in previous years.

While pace has been toned down, it’s still the focus for most. As such, Marcos Llorente (Atletico Madrid, 84) and Federico Valverde (Real Madrid, 84) are incredibly popular CMs. Llorente has a Sprint Speed of 90, while Valverde’s is 91. The most meta options on the flanks are Moussa Diaby (Leverkusen, 84) and Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona, 83), again due to their Olympian pace. Diaby also has a fantastic FIFA 23 RTTF card – hopefully you took the advantage of its SBC before it expired in February.

Mbappe and Haaland top the FIFA 23 meta strikers list

Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG, 91) and Erling Haaland’s (Manchester City, 88) real-life heroics see them perched atop their FIFA 23 best young players list. Inevitably, they’re super-meta too, and expensive as a result. As of early December, Mbappe shifts for 830,000, while Haaland sets you back 33,500.

Popular, speedy options from previous years are more affordable and still get community love. Victor Osimhen (Napoli, 83), Timo Werner (RB Leipzig, 82) and Inaki Williams (Athletic Bilbao, 81) all have Pace ratings of 90 or above, yet can be grabbed for fewer than 2,000 coins.

FIFA 23 meta formations

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (6)

Much like last year, 4-1-2-1-2 is the go-to formation in the community. Your CDM acts like a strong shield in front of the back four, and a CAM with strong shooting and passing is guaranteed to deliver goals and assists. It’s critical that your two CMs have 75+ pace – they’re going to be doing a lot of charging around in both defence and attack, to account for the lack of natural width. Fast full-backs are essential, too – although that’s a given in any back four.

The rise of lengthy players, particularly among CBs, has seen many online players switch to 3-5-2. A slow-ish CB in the middle is okay, but you want the two guys either side to be around the 80+ mark for Sprint Speed. That accounts for the lack of full-backs, and in turn gives you an extra man to flood the midfield. You also benefit from the increase in substitutions. It’s perfectly acceptable to run all five of those midfielders into the ground and then replace them all between the 60th and 70th minute. Just remember to plan your bench carefully - no-one needs a sub keeper.

For additional effective strategies, leap on over to GR’s FIFA 23 formations guide.

FIFA 23 meta tactics

The best custom FIFA 23 meta tactic

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (7)

Last year we recommended a particular Reddit user who’d nailed the meta, and this year sees that tradition continue. Wahoos22 is the poster in question. The basics are as follows, and you can click that link for a more detailed explanation.

  • Defensive Style - Balanced
  • Width - 40
  • Depth - 60
  • Build up Play - Balanced
  • Chance Creation - Possession
  • Width - 85
  • Players in box - 7
  • Corners -1
  • Free Kicks - 2

Player instructions:

  • GK - Sweeper Keeper / Comes for Crosses
  • CB/CB/CB - Stay Back While Attacking
  • CDM1 - Stay Back / Cover Wing
  • CDM2 - Balanced / Cover Center
  • LM/RM - Come Back On Defense / Cut Inside / Get In Behind
  • CAM - Stay Forward / Stay On Edge Of Box
  • ST/ST - Balanced Width / Mixed Attack

FIFA 23 meta squad

The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (8)

Below is a strong French/Bundesliga hybrid meta side which will cost you under 50,000 FIFA 23 coins to build. Note that Nkunku, Diaby and Dembele require Position Modifier cards in order to switch them to the roles below. Use our FIFA 23 chemistry styles guide to enhance their key ratings even further. Bellingham plays on zero chem, but is still highly effective. Prices are correct as of Sunday, February 26.

  • GK Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg, 84) - 4,700 coins
  • CB Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig, 80) - 700 coins
  • CB Dayot Upamecano (FC Bayern, 80) - 1,000 coins
  • CB Presnel Kimpembe (Paris SG, 83) - 3,700 coins
  • LM Moussa Diaby (Leverkusen, 84) - 4,800 coins
  • CDM Jude Bellingham (Dortmund, 84) - 4,600 coins
  • CDM Emre Can (Dortmund, 82) - 2,200 coins
  • RM Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona, 83) - 3,800 coins
  • CAM Christopher Nkunku (RB Leipzig, 86) - 16,000 coins
  • ST Timo Werner (RB Leipzig), 82 - 1,200 coins
  • ST Sheraldo Becker (Union Berlin, 76) - 1,200 coins

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The best FIFA 23 meta players, tactics and formations (2024)
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