The Best Formations To Use In FIFA 23 (2024)

Now that you’ve booted up your new Career mode in FIFA 23 you might be wondering to yourselves, how can I reach the top of my league as quickly as possible? Well, first off, nothing comes quickly at FIFAwith it being so realistic, and you probably know that already, but we know what’s the best way to get there.

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By using the right formation for your play style, you’ll find that scoring goal after goal with your team will be as easy as it gets. If you’re more defensive, there’s always a way to counter-attack with the right formation in place. Maybe you’re about to run down the sides having your striker smash in those headers after a well-placed cross. Whatever your style is, don’t worry, there’s a formation waiting for you and your team.

10 The 5-4-1

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One of the most defensive formations the game has to offer, the 5-4-1 is called by many in the sport the Catenaccio (Italian for The Chain) formation. It's used by many teams in the past to overcome their opponents on the field through counter-attacks and a solid defense.

With this formation in place, you’ll want some very quick wing backs with some decent stamina, because they’ll be able to run up and down the pitch a lot, taking the place of your right and left midfielder when it’s time to attack.

9 The 5-3-2

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The 5-3-2 is another very defense-centric formation. In this case, you’ll have a weaker center-field, but you’ll add support to the striker. This formation is best to be used if you prefer a more dribbling-centric play style.

You’ll find out that you’ll want to add a good offensive midfielder to take center stage in your team. They’ll make sure that most of those moments when you’re about to score will be in the right hands (or may we say feet…badum-tiss).

8 The 4-5-1

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If you like a slow-paced game, and full control of the ball, this is the right formation for you. You’ll find that a 4-5-1 gives you great control over the match, that is, if your players have good passing stats.

Remember that if you use this formation, you can’t run toward your opponent's goal whenever you get the ball, and you won’t have the support you need. Play horizontally and take an inch of the field at a time until you find yourself in front of the opposite side's goalkeeper.

7 The 4-1-4-1

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Some see this as the perfect balance, and some see it as having players all over the place. This is up to you to decide. With a strong defense and some nice midfield support, your lone striker will be waiting for the perfect ball to place inside the net.

Ideally, your center midfielders should have strong physical stats, especially the defensive midfielder, that in this case is the first “1”. If your team doesn’t have a good defensive midfielder, you can use a center back in that spot, make sure they have decent dribbling and passage stats, and you’ll be fine.

6 The 4-4-2

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The evergreen 4-4-2, everyone that’s ever played a football game has used it, and everyone that follows the sport outside of gaming loves it. With the 4-4-2, you get full control over the game with some major focus on attack and midfield.

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Having a good pair of side midfielders does change the game for you. You’ll always have a good striker waiting amid the opponent's penalty area waiting for a cross. Just make sure your strikers are tall enough.

5 The 4-3-3

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An aggressive formation like the 4-3-3 is great for those of you that want to get straight across the pitch and try to strike a goal. With the support of a right and left-wing, your striker is in the right hands.

Find some great wings to support your striker. If they aren’t wings, but center forwards or side midfielders, make sure they have good dribbling stats, if they have speed, even better. With this formation, you’ll find that faking a cross and cutting through the penalty area can be beneficial to the scoreboard.

4 The 4-2-3-1

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Some of the greatest coaches in the last decade have used the 4-2-3-1 to win multiple European Championships. If we say José Mourinho you must know who we’re talking about; he used this to win a treble in 2009-10, and that’s pretty impressive.

By using similar tactics to those used in a 4-4-2, you’ll find that the offensive midfield is going to give you the edge to score against your opponent.

3 The 4-3-2-1

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The Christmas tree formation is a great way to get your team going. Take away the fun nickname, and it packs a punch once you get the hang of it. It packs so much punch that this is the formation used by France in 1998 to take down Brazil and win the World Cup.

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With a strong attacker that can hold the ball and a great shot, you’ll fall in love with this team formation. If you need support, there’s always room for the two offensive midfielders right behind the lone striker.

2 The 3-5-2

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The evolution of the Chain formation, the 3-5-2 gives you the possibility to have men all over the field during the game, and if you’re all about holding and counterattacks, then this is the right formation for you.

The most important players are the two-side midfielders; they need to be fast and have good stamina because they will need to help both defenses, and increase your numbers in offense too. A good plan would be to have at least two extra players in that role to sub during a match, so they don’t tire out during the season, risking a long-term injury.

1 The 3-4-3

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Few formations come with such history that they are connected to a style of play. The 3-4-3 is a synonym for Total Football, the Dutch football style that became mainstream in the '70s and is still considered by many a peak of the sport.

If you’re all about the attack, then this is the right formation for you. You’ll have to make sure you keep the ball on the opponent's side of the field, because with only three defenders, you’ll find that it’s easier for the opponent to counter-attack. Once you get that down, there’s no need to worry — you’ll be scoring like there’s no tomorrow.

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The Best Formations To Use In FIFA 23 (2024)
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