The Legend of Dragoon Cheats (2023): All Cheat Codes for PS1 Classic and GameShark Codes (2024)

The Legend of Dragoon cheats will allow you to break the game with unlimited money, infinite HP, quick level gain, and more. However, if you want PS1 Classic cheats, you’re mostly out of luck. Most The Legend of Dragoon cheat codes require you to use a GameShark, which isn’t an option unless you’re playing on original hardware.

Fortunately, even if you don’t have access to a GameShark, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you through the most challenging parts of the game.

Table of contents

  • The Legend of Dragoon cheats, GameShark codes, tips, and hints
    • The Legend of Dragoon hints, tips, and tricks
      • Easy Boss Kills
      • Gold Dragoon Spirit
      • Easier Battle With Lloyd
      • Easier Battle With Lloyd
      • Safer Battle with Zieg
      • Dragoon Special
      • Easy Addition Level Up
      • Easy Addition and Dragoon Spirit Level Up
    • The Legend of Dragoon GameShark Codes

The Legend of Dragoon cheats, GameShark codes, tips, and hints

The following hints are for those who don’t necessarily want to cheat in The Legend of Dragoon and just need a helping hand. Note that these contain spoilers for the game, so scroll past them if you want to avoid them.

The Legend of Dragoon hints, tips, and tricks

The Legend of Dragoon Cheats (2023): All Cheat Codes for PS1 Classic and GameShark Codes (1)

Easy Boss Kills

(Note: This tip requires a turbo controller)

Get items like Burnout, Spark Net, etc. Then, use the turbo controller to do a lot of damage. This tactic makes the Kongol much easier at the end of disk one.

Gold Dragoon Spirit

  • In the country that disc two takes place in, go to the Flower City Donau ( the one plagued by bandits).
  • Go to the bar in the town near the port.
  • The man you need to talk to won’t be there when you first go there.
  • There will be a jester in there at some point on disc two after you beat the bandits.
  • Talk to him, and he will say that he saw stones just like yours in Lohan.
  • Go to Lohan, talk to the merchant who sold you the water bottle, and he will sell you Kongol’s Dragoon Spirit for 1000G.

Easier Battle With Lloyd

On the third disc, have the Talisman accessory that prevents an instant death, equipped on Dart only. Do not put it on one of your other characters. This way, you can use spirit potions on him to keep him in dragoon form and give him his magic back.

Lloyd will attack only Dart, but he won’t die because of the talisman. Just keep using Final Burst, but don’t use Red-eye Dragon magic. It does the same amount of damage as Final Burst, but it just eats your magic up. If he does attack another character, have them heal themselves, and the battle will be over much faster.

Easier Battle With Lloyd

  • On disc four, return to the tower where Dart met his father at the end of disc three.
  • Right before entering the room his father was in, go to the save point
  • From there, go to the rooms with all the spirits of the ancient dragoons. Each dragoon will attack you.
  • After defeating the dragoons, each battle will give you the stone for that dragoon.
  • The stones cut the damage from that elemental attack in half.

Safer Battle with Zieg

When you fight Dart’s father at the end of disc 4, you can defend against him and make the fight much easier if Dart has the Red Dragon Armor, which nullifies fire attacks, and the Red-Eye Stone, which cuts magic damage in half.

Red Dragon Armor location

There are two ways to get the Red Dragon Armor:

  • Buy it for 800 Gold at The Law City, Zenebatos.
  • Buy it at the Inn in The Everlasting Moon for 800 Gold.

Red-Eye Stone location

  • You get the Red-Eye Stone as a drop from defeating Fire Bird.

Dragoon Special

Fight in Random Fights until all players get maximum SP. If you get extra SP, after a while, everyone will get a Dragoon Special which appears as a Yin-Yang. The special turns all party members into a dragoon, changes the fight place background, and gives the player who used the special an automatic perfect dragoon attack.

Easy Addition Level Up

To perform this trick, you must be able to access the Glaciers level. Before the entrance to where you fought Lloyd in his Divine Dragoon mode, to the left is a teleport pad. Down that path is Magician Faust. If you fight him before you get the Vanishing Stone, he will not take any damage when you attack him, which is the key to this tactic.

If you successfully hit Magician Faust with your Addition, it will level up even without doing damage. With this, you don’t have to worry about the enemy dying too soon before your other party members can hit it. When you start to get down to low HP, just run away, heal up, and go back for more.

Easy Addition and Dragoon Spirit Level Up

  • After defending Hoax and getting Rose in your group, go to the forest, which is your next story destination.
  • When you get there, go to the broken castle through the forest where all of the soldiers are fighting.
  • When you are given a choice to fight or run, fight.
  • Choose this selection for all of them until you get to the last guy. When you get to him, choose to run.
  • When you enter that screen again, all of the enemies will have respawned.

You can do this over and over again. Unfortunately, you can only level up Dart and Rose’s Dragoon Spirit because they are the only ones with them at that point in the game.

The Legend of Dragoon GameShark Codes

Code Name:Code:
All Characters In Party (Everyone)5000092C 0000, 300BAEF8 0003
Dart: Infinite HP800BAEFC1770
Dart: Infinite MP800BAEFE03E7
Dart: Infinite SP800BAF0003E7
Dart: Max Dragoon Level300BAF070030
Dart: Max Level300BAF060032
Dart: Quick Level Gain800BAEF4FFFF
Haschel: Infinite HP800BAFAC1770
Haschel: Infinite MP800BAFAE03E7
Haschel: Infinite SP800BAFB003E7
Haschel: Max Dragoon Level300BAFB70032
Haschel: Max Level300BAFB6003C
Haschel: Quick Level Gain800BAFA4FFFF
Have all Dragoon Spirit300bad6400ff
Have All Goods500012010001, 300BAD6400FF
Have All Items5000FF010001, 300BADB00000
Infinite HP (Everyone)5000092C 0000, 800BAEFC 270F
Infinite MP (Everyone)5000092C 0000, 800BAEFE 03E7
Kongol: Infinite HP800BB0301770
Kongol: Infinite MP800BB03203E7
Kongol: Infinite SP800BB03403E7
Kongol: Max Dragoon Level300BB03B0032
Kongol: Max Level300BB03A003C
Kongol: Quick Level Gain800BB028FFFF
Lavitz: Infinite HP800BAF281770
Lavitz: Infinite MP800BAF2A03E7
Lavitz: Infinite SP800BAF2C03E7
Lavitz: Max Dragoon Level300BAF330032
Lavitz: Max Level300BAF32003C
Lavitz: Quick Level Gain800BAF20FFFF
Max Dragoon Level (Everyone)5000092C 0000, 300BAF07 0005
Max Level (Everyone)5000092C 0000, 300BAF06 003C
Max Money800BAC5CFFFF, 800BC920FFFF
Max Star Dust300BAC640032
Meru: Infinite HP800BB0041770
Meru: Infinite MP800BB00603E7
Meru: Infinite SP800BB00803E7
Meru: Max Dragoon Level300BB00F0032
Meru: Max Level300BB00E003C
Meru: Quick Level Gain800BAFFCFFFF
Miranda: Infinite HP800BB05C1770
Miranda: Infinite MP800BB05E03E7
Miranda: Infinite SP800BB06003E7
Miranda: Max Dragoon Level300BB0670032
Miranda: Max Level300BB066003C
Miranda: Quick Level Gain800BB054FFFF
One Fight for Max Exp800BB65C 423F, 800BB65E 000F
P.Albert: Infinite HP800BAFD81770
P.Albert: Infinite MP800BAFDA03E7
P.Albert: Infinite SP800BAFDC03E7
P.Albert: Max Dragoon Level300BAFE30032
P.Albert: Max Level300BAFE2003C
P.Albert: Quick Level Gain800BAFD0FFFF
Rose: Infinite HP800BAF801770
Rose: Infinite MP800BAF8203E7
Rose: Infinite SP800BAF8403E7
Rose: Quick Level Gain800BAF78FFFF
Rose:Max Dragoon Level300BAF8B0032
Rose:Max Level300BAF8A003C
Save Anytime!!!8005A3680001
Shana: Infinite HP800BAF541770
Shana: Infinite MP800BAF5603E7
Shana: Infinite SP800BAF5803E7
Shana: Max Dragoon Level300BAF5E003C
Shana: Max Level300BAF5F0032
Shana: Quick Level Gain800BAF4CFFFF

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The Legend of Dragoon Cheats (2023): All Cheat Codes for PS1 Classic and GameShark Codes (2024)
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