Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (2024)

Considering the fact that the parfait is such an amazing dessert, you wouldn’t be surprised that “parfait” in French means perfect. The parfait is usually served in small cups, it’s creamy, and there are many flavors to try.

It’s an ideal dessert to serve after lunch or even when hosting parties. If you never tried making them by yourself, or you did, and they were so great that you have to make them again, here are ten recipes to check out. They are all delicious, and there are flavors to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

1. Oreo Parfait

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To all of you who think that Oreo is one of the best things in the world, here’s an Oreo parfait for you! This parfait is going to steal the hearts even of those who don’t like Oreo that much. It’s simple and really delicious, so when preparing it, act as if you are waiting for a whole crowd, no one will be satisfied by only one.

2. Chocolate Hazelnut

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Creamy chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts – a combination sent from Heaven. Another great thing about this parfait is that it is ready in 30 minutes, and besides that, it is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and is low in sugar. The parfait also has dates, but feel free not to add them if you think they don’t fit it.

3. Lime Cheesecake Parfait

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To get this parfait, you need graham crackers combined with sugar and put some of the mixes in every glass. Then you add the cheesecake mix, which is really easy to make: You beat the cream cheese in a standing mixer until it gets smooth, and after that, add the condensed milk, a pinch of salt, and stir in the lime juice. When all this is combined, add some of the mixes in every cup and sprinkle with lime zest.

4. Pumpkin Pie Parfait

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (4)

The Pumpkin Pie Parfait has an amazing crust: it is made from macadamia nuts, almonds, and dates. It has even more amazing pumpkin pudding. This one is made from canned pumpkin, cashews, pumpkin pie spice, coconut oil, agave nectar, and raw nut milk. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect parfait you can have? Time to make some!

5. Lemon Mascarpone Parfait

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The Lemon Mascarpone Parfait is a great dessert for warm, sunny days. It’s light and refreshing. The topping is creme fraiche or a dollop of cool whip, and the best part is to garnish the parfait with a cookie. You should also leave the parfait in the fridge at least one hour before you serve it.

6. Mango Raspberry Parfait

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (6)

If you are more into a fruity version of a parfait, try this one out. It’s made of mango, raspberries, and goji berries, plus it has honey, walnuts, unsweetened shredded coconut, and cardamom. This parfait is healthy and is also vegan. It’s ideal for a little sweet treat after lunch or dinner.

7. Muesli Parfait

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (7)

The Muesli Parfait can be great even as breakfast, not only as after lunch sweet treat. It’s really easy to make, but you need to place sugar, oats, and lemon juice in a bowl, cover them with milk, and after that, place the bowl in the fridge to soak overnight. When it comes to the fruit, add the one you like the most. Whether is berries, mangoes, or pineapples. To make it more crunchy, add some granola as well.

8. Very Berry Parfait

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This is the easiest parfait to make and is also one of the healthiest versions to be found. It’s made of paleo coconut whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, almonds, and coconut flakes. First, you need to toast the coconut flakes and the almonds until they are fragrant. In a bowl, make layers of fruit and the coconut almond mix and add whipped cream on top.

9. Meyer Lemon Vanilla Parfait

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (9)

The mini lemon and vanilla cream parfait recipe will get you approximately ten mini desserts. You are going to love the vanilla layer. It is made of vanilla bean paste, heavy cream, and powdered sugar. The lemon curd also adds much to the taste. For the topping, you can use graham cracker crumbs.

10. Apple Pear Parfait

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (10)

The parfait is made of fruit and Greek yogurt, so you actually eat something healthy and sweet at the same time. You can add honey and cinnamon as well. They make it even more delicious. According to the recipe you need apple and pear, but you can choose other fruit as well.

Top 10 Delicious Parfait Recipes For Dessert (2024)


What is a traditional parfait made of? ›

WHAT ARE PARFAITS? Parfaits originated as a frozen custard dessert made with eggs, sugar, whipped cream and flavorings, such as a purée, liqueur, coffee, or chocolate that was placed in a mold.

Is A parfait a dessert? ›

A parfait is a sweet dessert made of layered ingredients in a tall glass. If you order a parfait at your favorite ice cream shop, it may have layers of ice cream, fruit sauce, and whipped cream.

What toppings are good in parfait? ›

We served strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, raspberries, and blackberries. Several other tasty options are peaches, nectarines, pomegranates, bananas, mangoes, cherries, pineapples, berries of all kinds, shredded coconut– really any other fruit you would like!

Is parfait good for dinner? ›

Healthy homemade yogurt parfaits are simple to make. Perfect for an easy grab-n-go breakfast, quick snack or after dinner treat.

How long do homemade parfaits last? ›

It can last for about 3 days

While you can make these tasty dishes the same day for breakfast or dessert, they can also be made ahead in a sealable jar, such as a mason jar. Kitchn notes that if the dish is covered and refrigerated, it will last for about three days.

What does parfait do to the body? ›

Parfaits make a filling, nutritious breakfast or tasty snack. Plus, certain types may contain fiber and protein that help manage blood sugar levels.

What is dessert menu? ›

Definition of 'dessert menu'

In a restaurant or café, the dessert menu is a list of the desserts that are available. The dessert menu includes sorbets and ice creams. Choose your favorite dessert from the dessert menu.

What is cake parfait made of? ›

The method is simple: add alternating layers of cake scraps and frosting in a small jar or glass, top it all off with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and syrup, and ta-da! You've got yourself a treat that's almost better than cake itself.

Can you eat yogurt for dessert? ›

Yes, you can eat yogurt after a meal. Yogurt is a versatile food that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, including after a meal. It can be a healthy and satisfying dessert or a snack option.

What yogurt does Starbucks use in their parfait? ›

Creamy, non-fat Dannon® Greek yogurt is topped with crunchy honey oat granola and a sweet strawberry compote.

What can I use instead of granola in parfait? ›

You can make a simple one pretty easy with rolled oats and honey for much less than store-bought granola. Or sometimes if I don't have granola, I'll just toast some rolled oats in the oven with some chopped walnuts or pecans. I find toasting everything really adds flavor.

What is a substitute for granola in parfait? ›

If you do not want to make this yogurt parfait recipe with granola, feel free to substitute a combination of toasted nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and/or coconut for an equally satisfying crunch and quality nutrition.

Can you use frozen fruit in a yogurt parfait? ›

Place 1 cup of frozen fruit in each of 8 plastic cups. Top each with 1/2 cup yogurt mixture. Store in the refrigerator until needed. Top each cup of fruit and yogurt with 1/4 cup granola before eating.

Is parfait full of sugar? ›

Let's talk about the granola – we know that granola is a great source of fiber, however due to the high calorie content granola should be eaten in moderation. Did I mention the sugar content in most parfaits? On average most parfaits exceed 30 grams of sugar per serving.

Are homemade parfaits healthy? ›

Yogurt parfaits can be great fuel for your body and brain. Nutrients such as protein, fiber, natural sugars, and healthy fats help you move throughout the day! As a family, discuss what foods are great fuel and a make a plan to incorporate them into your mealtimes.

What is the difference between French and American parfait? ›

French Parfaits vs American Parfaits

Traditional French parfaits are much simpler than what American tradition has made them to be. Traditional French parfaits included basic ingredients like cream, egg, sugar and syrup, whereas Americans often put things in our parfaits such as granola, nuts, yogurt, fruit, etc.

What's the difference between yogurt and parfait? ›

What is the difference between yogurt and parfait? Yogurt is a thick milk-based product that is sold plain or with other flavorings such as fruit and sweetener. A parfait, on the other hand, is a layered dessert typically consisting of yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and berries, ice cream, and whipped topping.

What does yogurt parfait contain? ›

Layer grapes, yogurt, bananas, and cereal for a sweet and crunchy snack.

Are parfaits healthy? ›

Yogurt parfaits can be great fuel for your body and brain. Nutrients such as protein, fiber, natural sugars, and healthy fats help you move throughout the day! As a family, discuss what foods are great fuel and a make a plan to incorporate them into your mealtimes.

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