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In order to electronically file cases with the Court, you will need to create an eFiling user account

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Changes coming to online case search functionality for King County District CourtThe case search functionality on the King County District Court e-Filing/Case Access Portal will be changing the week of April 22, 2024. You still will be able to search by either case number or name (of person or company), but searching by name will be accomplished differently than before. This change is intended to improve the search results. For “Case Search by Name,” you will need to select either “Criminal and Infraction” or “Civil,” depending on the type of case you are looking for.Criminal and Infraction includes Parking. Civil includes Civil Lawsuits, Small Claims, Protection Orders, Impounds, and Name Changes. When searching by name, you also will need to include a case filing date – with a range of up to 365 days for instances in which you do not know the precise filing date.

Attention Civil Filers

Effective April 1, 2024, ex parte motions denied by a judicial officer may not be resubmitted via the e-Filing portal. All resubmitted motions will be heard in person only. An assessment of $20 will be imposed. See KCC 4A.634.100A.

e-Filing and Case Access

In order to electronically file cases with the Court, you will need to create an eFiling user account. Anonymous use of the e-filing portal is not allowed. All e-filing and case access will require a log-in. Public access accounts are free, and are easy to set up. User accounts are NOT required for fine and ticket payment. For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at kcdcefilinghelp@kingcounty.gov.

Need Help?

For a list of document titles which are available for use, click here.

User Guides and Instructions on frequently asked tasks and questions can be found here e-Filing Resources Page.

If you need to reach someone to assist with a technical issue, please call us at 206-205-9200 (Option 8) or email us at kcdcefilinghelp@kingcounty.gov. For questions about existing cases, including case status, processes and procedures, please contact us at kcdc.webmaster@kingcounty.gov

Maintenance Notice

In order to accommodate necessary system maintenance, this site will be unavailable every Sunday from 2:00AM to 3:00AM.

Restrictions with eFilings

Notices of Appeal and paperwork relating to the appeal can no longer be e-filed through the portal. Notices of Appeal and related pleadings must be filed in-person or by mail at any King County District Court location (email filings will also be rejected). Applicable fees must be paid when due unless the court has granted a waiver of the fees. Failure to pay fees when due delays the processing of Appeals and may result in an Appeal being dismissed.
Requests for fee waiver: If you wish to request a fee waiver of the filing fee, your case filing and Motion for Fee Waiver must be filed in person or through the mail.

  • Bulk filing of fee-based transactions will be limited to FORTY (40) submissions per cart. This is done in an effort to ensure the increase in portal filing traffic does not cause technical issues with filing in general. Note: the limit does not apply to non-fee-based submissions as those do not collect in the cart.
  • Customers are asked to limit their activity to TWENTY (20) credit card or eCheck transactions PER DAY. This is to ensure the increase in portal filing traffic does not cause technical issues with our payment processor.
  • Data and documents that have been in a user's cart for more than 10 days are purged in the background and cause technical issues to the Court when filings are attempted for submission. If there are any items in your cart for longer than 10 days, please restart the filing and upload process.

    Questions and technical issues can be referred to the Help Desk at kcdcefilinghelp@kingcounty.gov or 206-205-9200, Option 8.

    Mandatory eFiling

    In accordance with LGR 30 and King County Code 4A.634.100.B King County District Court requires all attorneys to electronically file (e-File) all documents for all case types: criminal, infraction and all civil cases, unless otherwise provided in LGR30.

    Each failure to e-File will incur a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each paper document not e-Filed. The $50.00 fee shall be assessed to the attorney as a sanction. Failure to pay the fee after 30 days will result in show-cause hearing on sanctions.For more information on e-filing, visit King County District Court’s webpage.

    Welcome to King County District Court e-Filing (2024)
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