Who Is Alexander Ludwig? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music (2024)

Who is Alexander Ludwig? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

Who Is Alexander Ludwig? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music (1)

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Alexander Ludwig

Birthday – May 7, 1992

Hometown – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Musical influences – Alan Jackson, Lainey Wilson, AC/DC

The Beginning:

Today our spotlight shines on an entertainer that you may already be familiar with. Alexander Ludwig, an accomplished actor, is finally living out his dream of being a country music singer-songwriter. Despite what you may think you know about Ludwig already, we can promise you that you will agree that he belongs in country music.

“I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but I spent most of my time in a place called Whistler Mountain,” beganthe singer.“When I first started to play guitar at 9 years old, I learned to play, and write songs, at a cabin in Whistler.” Ludwig credits the time he spent at an early age in the mountains, listening to country music withhis family during the car ride, for his love for music today.

“So much about what I love about country music was just my love for the outdoors, the backwoods, and the simple things in life,” shared the singer. According to Ludwig, some of his favorites growing up were artists like Alan Jackson, James Taylor, and Garth Brooks. Nowadays, he appreciates artists that bring a modern take to the traditional sound of country music, such as Lainey Wilson, Morgan Wallen, and HARDY.

“My favorite artists in country music right now are the ones who manage to ride the line of, you can hear the influences from the past, but it’s a fresh take on that.” Of course, this is exactly the type of music that Ludwig set out to make.

The Turning Point:

Although Ludwig’s record deal might be fairly new, he has been creating and writing music his whole life.I’m a storyteller and country music is some of the best, if not the greatest, storytelling on the planet,” shared the artist, when asked about theconnectionbetween acting and music for him.

“Whether I’m playing an arena or a dive bar, makes no difference to me, I’d be doing this regardless,” Ludwig later added. It was evident from our conversation thatwhether fans knew about his music or not, the singer would always be creating music, just as he had hiswhole life.

When he first started taking trips to Nashville to write, he wanted the other artists and writers in the room to know how serious and passionate he was about his craft.“I want people from the country community to just see me as Alexander, the country artist. It has always been so true to who I am,” adding later,This was something I was doing whether or not I had a deal.”


For those who may not have already been introduced to Alexander, the country singer, fans are in for a real treat. Ludwig’s upcoming albumHighway 99is slated for release this August.“I named my album ‘Highway 99’ because that drive is really where I got my musical education,” shared the singer,reminiscing yet again about theroad trips to WhistlerMountain.

“So much of my musical education growing up was driving through the mountains in Canada. […] When I think of this album, it wasn’t so much a story from start to finish, like a concise story, it’s this winding road of feelings that I wanted to communicate.”

Fans can already get a taste of the album with the newly released single, “Faded On Me.” Ludwig shared, “I loved coming out with that one because I thought so many people would have expected me to come out with a country love song.” The song is the perfect combination of fun and stellar songwriting to keep us anticipating the upcoming record.

“I wrote a bunch of songs on the album. David Lee Murphy has been such a champion of mine and he’s written on a few of them,” Ludwig said.“We kind of just utilized this rollercoaster of emotions all the way through. It really was the ride of my life.”

Until the record drops, fans can expect the singer to be playing as many shows as possible!“I hope that people love this and I get to keep doing this.”


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Alexander Ludwig’s music isavailable everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released tunes on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Who Is Alexander Ludwig? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music (2024)
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