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We all want to try and save a little bit of money on our wedding so why not make your own co*cktails for your guests to enjoy. Ata wedding I recently attended, the couple made their own co*cktails as welcome drinks forguests to help themselves to on arrival and believe me it went down a treat! It could be as simple as filling up a couple of drinks dispensers or putting out glasses prefilled with syrup so all guests need to do is top them up with champagne, whatever you decide to do, we promise your guests will love it! So check out our favourite co*cktail recipes all of which could be easily made up in batch the night before your wedding and left to chill in the fridge until needed. Obviously if your not a fan of co*cktails you could just as simply create your own mocktails a few of which you will also find here…

1.Pink Lemonade Jello Shots: Ok so not strictly a co*cktail but the jello is sort of made from a co*cktail/ mocktail of sorts and as I was looking to find recipes that could be easily made before hand, I thought these would make a brilliantly unique addition to your co*cktail bar. All you need is a little unflavoured gelatine, pink lemonade and vodka!

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2.Lavender & Grapefruit Gin Buck co*cktail: I haven’t ever tasted a buck or a mule before but I have it on good authority that this is a good recipe for warm weather and combines gin with ginger beer, grapefruit and lavender syrup. Now that’s some sort of flavour combo right there! Also, how gorgeous are those co*cktail glasses?! We found some similar here that we LOVE! These are also super beautiful and unique!

Photos byLaura Sumrak via The House That Lars Built

3.Watermelon Lime Lemonade: A refreshing mocktail for the watermelon lovers amongst you. This recipe is super simple and just uses juice from a lemon, lime and watermelon. You can totally make ahead of time too and store and serve them in these cute mason jars!

Photo by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess

4. Mango & Plum Sweet Tea co*cktail: If you like sweet tea than you just have to give this a try! This can easily be made in large batches and stored in the fridge overnight to infuse.

Photos via Sarah Hearts

5.Tropical Fruit Basil Punch: If you want your guests to feel like they have just stepped on to a tropical island then this is punch for you. It’s fruity with a light peppery tasted thanks to the addition of the basil syrup. This punch can served up in a pitcher or a drinks dispenser and your guests can help themselves to ice and garnishes. Grab yourself some Smirnoff vodka and some of those cute flamingo drink stirrers baby!

Photo via Sugar & Cloth

6. Boozy Coconut Flavoured Ice Pops: These remind me of my favourite past time of sucking on ice pops when I was kid. Well actually I treated myself to one last week but that’s not the point. These boozy ice pops are a fantastic take on everyone’s favourite childhood treat. These are made out of pineapple, coconut and gin and can easily be made days even weeks in advance and stored in the freezer until your guests arrive.

Photos via How Sweet It Is

7. Amaretto Bourbon Punch: Amaretto is a favourite of both mine & Jess’s (especially Disaronno baby!) so we seriously need to find a reason to try out this punch – (as if we need a reason!).

Photo by Bespoke Bride

8.: Perfect for both Brits & Americans alike, this ice tea recipe is a fab alternative for those who prefer something non alcoholic.

Photos via Miss in the Kitchen

9.Strawberry Wine Punch: With just a few ingredients this co*cktail can be made ahead of time for a large batch co*cktail and tastes pretty darn good too, especially if your a wine drinker like me. Grab yourself some of those beautiful tall co*cktail glasses here!

Photo via Sugar & Cloth

10. Champagne Jello Shots: Welcome to the grown up version of Jello! This edible version of a French 75, is easy to make and and decorate ahead of time and then pull out of the fridge when ready to serve. We love the idea of serving them in some cute moulds too!

Photos via Tasty Yummies

11.Watermelon Lime Hibiscus Cooler: Another great mocktail idea with Watermelon and if your looking for something with a bit more booze, just add tequila and some lime juice to make a watermelon version of a margarita! We know dried hibiscus isn’t the easiest to find either so if you need some you can grab a pack here!

Photo via Sugar & Soul

12.Spiked Peach Punch: A bright and fruity co*cktail, the perfect big batch recipe for Spring & Summer!

Photos via 40 Aprons

13.Blueberry Mojitos: If your looking for a cool blue mojito that doesn’t resemble Gatorade, this is the co*cktail for you!

Photo via Garnish With Lemon

14.Metropolitan Martini: This Metropolitan Martini is a twist on a traditional cosmo. It’s smoother than a cosmo and uses currant vodka instead of plain vodka which makes for a much tastier version, in my opinion. Don’t forget to grab some cute martini glasses too!

Photos via If Found Make

15. Watermelon Mojitos: We seriously can’t get enough of these watermelon recipes can we? This time I promise it’s an alcoholic one!

Photo via Half Baked Harvest

16.Rose Lemon Spritzer: Seriously how pretty are these! This co*cktail recipe uses rose water to get the cute pink colour in addition to lemon juice, Pomegranate juice, honey and vodka. Make it even more fancy with some dried rose petals!

Photos via Sugar & Cloth

17.Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade: I had never considered combining pear with lavender before but it sounds absolutely delicious!

Photo via Craft & co*cktails

18. Elderflower Spanish Gin & Tonic: Working in a local pub for most of my adult life, I can tell you that Gin & tonic is one of the most popular drinks in the summer, so I will bet my bottom dollar that there are a fair few gin lovers amongst you now. I think this Spanish twist to the traditional gin & tonic is perfect if you want to make it unique! Make sure you get yourself the right gin though, it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Photos via Pretty Plain Janes

19.Raspberry Beer co*cktails: Vodka. Good! Raspberry lemonade. Good! Beer. Good! Thats right this co*cktail includes all three. This one is a little more tricky to make in batch as the drink would go flat if made up too far in advance, however there is nothing stopping you putting out each of the ingredients separately with instructions for your guests on how to make their own!

Photos by The Messy Baker via One Sweet Mess

20.Sangrita: What do you get if you cross a Sangria with a Margarita? A Sangrita of course! Plus who doesn’t love an excuse to serve this up a modern punch bowl?!

Photos via Sugar & Charm

21. Ginger & Jasmine Rose co*cktail: Although I have never tried one of these – (I really want to!) I am imagining the flavours to be so intense. I think the idea of adding ginger and Jasmine together with a Rose wine is such an unusual idea but they really are some of favourite flavours, so gimme gimme gimme! Once again you know we’re obsessed with those glasses, we love these classy rainbow glasses for something similar!

Photos via The Roasted Root

22.Pineapple Rose Sangria: Combine a bottle of Rose with pineapple juice, raspberries and blackberries and your pretty much have my favourite drink, EVER!!!

Photos by One Hope Wine via Style me Pretty

23.Guava Sangria: Just in case your not fed up with Sangria recipes yet – (Gosh! what is it with me, Sangria & Watermelons?) Here is a another! This recipe seriously takes me back to Mexico and anything that does that is a winner in my books! Bonus points if you serve it up on a classy tray like that too!

Photos by Honestly Yum

24.Strawberry pisco Punch: Who doesn’t love a punch! And as Honestly Yum quite rightly points out “Where there’s punch, there’s a party!”

Photos by Verses From My Kitchen

25.Cider Rum Punch: We couldn’t leave you without sharing a co*cktail for the cider lovers amongst you.Although not hot, I imagine this to be more of a winter warmer, please correct me if I am wrong. Either way it sounds totally delicious and is the perfect example of a co*cktail that can be made in bulk.

So tell me, which would be your favourite co*cktail? Let us know in the comments below.





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